What are the benefits of terpenes?

Terpenes are beneficial not only for the plants but also are beneficial to human beings in several ways. Wondering how? Follow the post and you would be able to learn.

Before we learn about the several benefits that the terpenes have to offer to the plants and the humans, let us know what these terpenes are and where we can find them.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are highly aromatic compounds that are found in various plants and a few animals. These compounds are responsible for giving a smell or a fragrance to certain plants such as lavender and rosemary and they can be found in a few animals as well.

Benefits of terpenes in plants

There are plenty of benefits that the terpenes have to offer in the plants as well. since these are aromatic compounds, they give fragrance to the plants which further helps in attracting the bugs that help in the pollination of the plant and helps in several other processes as well. these fragrances can be good for helping the plants in defending themselves from the approaching predators such as the infectious bugs or the animals that are grazing. The strong fragrance of the plant can be repulsive for several living beings and it can prevent any kind of damage to the plant.

There are different types of terpenes and some of them are even helpful in strengthening the immune system of the plants as well. They help the plants to fight the attacking infections and they also prevent a plant from getting damaged. This is the reason why terpenes are so important to plants.

Not only are the terpenes beneficial for the plants, but the humans can also get facilitated with them and in the passage that follows, you will be able to take a look at a few benefits that the humans can have from them both on an individual as well as commercial levels.

Benefits of terpenes for humans

Humans, after making research and analysis on the structure and working of these aromatic compounds, have isolated them from their plants and are now able to make a lot of fragrances with these terpenes as well. they are using these compounds for making perfumes and body sprays along with other products and even for food. You can easily buy terpene-made products and get several benefits from them.

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