Remove Damaged Teeth and Get New Ones All in One Day

Technological developments have benefited the world of medical practice greatly. Dentistry is one of the biggest beneficiaries owing to the rise and popularity of cosmetic dentistry. A dentist can now restore their patient’s beautiful smile within a very short time and with minimal error. There was a time when dental corrections were done on a trial and error basis. The results were better than having a missing tooth or a discolored one, but they cannot compare to what is available today for instance the dental implants.

Dental implants are like the smartest thing that could have ever been made for dental restoration. They are very simple in structure, but they have to be installed by a dentist- an experienced on for that matter. There are also the bridges that you can use to replace multiple missing teeth. The options are just so many. A quick visit to a renowned dental practitioner is going to reveal some great results in terms of dental replacement.

How long does it take?

It takes a very long time to replace a missing or failing tooth permanently. Point of correction- it used to take a very long time. For people who have ever had to wait for weeks for a permanent solution to their tooth problem to be found, the assumption is that it takes a significant amount of time. However, today you can get fast dental replacement with such tremendous ease. The only thing that you need to do is visit a dentist who offers new teeth in one day services.

Basically, what happens is that you can have that tooth that is causing you trouble removed. It is a difficult procedure that involves breaking and flushing out the tooth sometimes. Once the tooth has been removed, the next thing that will be done will be preparation of the dental implant that will fit in properly. This is usually the task that takes a lot of time, but if you have it done by an expert dentist it will take a handful of minutes to complete. In that case, you will not have to spend extra time replacing missing teeth.

Fast multiple teeth replacement

It can be a bit costly to replace a missing tooth. It is even more costly if you have to replace several missing teeth. It is not even funny! Nonetheless, it all depends on the procedure that you decide to work with. You have can have as many as four teeth replaced in one visit. With implant-supported bridges available, you will not have to worry about dental implants that are not working to your tastes and preference. Simply ask your dentist to guide you on the best way to replace those missing teeth.

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