Getting the Temporary Stairlift You Need

A curved stairlift rental may be the ideal solution for your current situation, If you or someone in your household could benefit from such assistance, it can make a difference in terms of safety and mobility. Yet you may foresee the need to be only short term. Why buy such equipment if you know the long-term need isn’t going to be there? There is a better option to consider.

Perhaps you aren’t sure how the individual will do with the device. You can try out a curved stairlift rental to see if it is a solution that works well. If so, you may decide to buy one down the road. Yet a rental means you don’t have to come up with the money to pay for it all and you don’t have to pay for any repairs. They should take care of any maintenance too.

Such a product can be very useful when you have a temporary need. It could be due to a health issue, a recovery, or even when someone comes to visit that would otherwise not be able to stay with you. Such products can offer freedom of movement for homes that have more than one level. Find out about the quality of the product being offered as that will influence the outcome.

Terms of the Contact

The terms of the contract for curved stairlift rental can vary depending on your needs and who you get it from. Take the time to share what you need so they can help you determine the best solution. You may have an estimated timeframe for the rental based on the medical information for that person.

For example, someone in your household may be having surgery and the recovery is anticipated to be 10 weeks. That would be your anticipated curved stairlift rental timeframe. However, if the doctor gives the full release early, can you have them take it down sooner? If the doctor says it will be a few weeks longer for recovery, can you extend that rental period?

Depending on the duration of time you will need the equipment, you may pay by the week or by the month. Such details can be worked out with the provider. Think about your budget too in order to make a decision that works best for you. Will there be any charges for the set up and take down on the equipment? Those fees can add up quickly if they apply.


The provider will need to come to your home to assess the situation. They can discuss with you the installation details. They will make sure there is ample room for a curved stairlift rental to be properly installed. They can set up a time to get the work done. They will also share with you how the device works once it is installed. This ensures it can be used safely and properly.

Once you are finished with the curved stairlift rental, they will schedule a time with you to remove it. Since they are training professionals, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours to get it set up or taken back down.


The price will vary depending on the product you need, the set up and take down, and the amount of time you need to have the product. The provider you get it from will also influence the cost because they all have their own prices set. It is a good idea to compare prices and to find out what you get with that price. The cost is going to be significantly less than buying one.

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