5 Workouts That Will Give You hourglass Curves

All of us want to look good, but the truth is that most of us do not have much time for the gym. And for those who do, it can be hard to find the right exercise. But the good news is you don’t need a gym membership or even much equipment to get a great workout. In fact, there are 5 exercises that will give you a sexy hourglass shape in no time at all.

But before discussing this further, let me tell you that, if you are planning to get a gym membership to get yourself indulged in any type of workout, you need to wear the appropriate gym outfits first. Keep in mind that, if your exercise clothes are comfortable you will get the maximum out of your exercise session.

6 exercises that will give you sexy curves.

1. Performing back leg elevated deadlifts.

Leg-elevated deadlifts are the best option for those individuals who want to add some curves. To perform this workout you don’t need any type of equipment as you can perform this exercise anywhere.

How to perform?

  • Stand in such a way that your feet are hip-width apart, holding a barbell with an overhand grip (palms directed in a forward position). squeeze your core tight throughout the exercise.
  • Now start pushing your hips back and bend yourself at your knees until the barbell touches the floor. The weight should be on your heels throughout this exercise.
  • Twist your knees slightly as you lift the barbell by extending through your hips until you are standing upright again with straight legs and arms hanging in front of you the height of your with your elbows slightly bent.
  • start lowering the weight by bending your hips until it comes close to touching down on the ground.
  • Repeat the exercise again.

Areas where you will feel the stretch:

You will feel the stretch in your lower back, hamstring as well as in hamstring muscles.

2. Performing side plank lifts.

Side plank lifts are the best way to sculpt your hips, waist, butt, and thighs. They work the entire side of the body, from your head to toe. They also help in strengthening your lower back, improve your posture and reduce any excess fat around your abdominal area.  You can also perform them with one leg raised for an extra challenge.

How to perform?

Lie on the right side with your body in a straight line. Place your elbow under the shoulder. Keep your feet together and make sure they are slightly behind the hips. Now slowly start lifting your hips until they’re parallel with the ground, hold for a few seconds, then start lowering them back down to the beginning position. Repeat the exercise 1o to 15 times on each side.

3. Performing Standing oblique flexion.

The problem with most women is that they have an apple-shaped body figure and their hips seem wider than their shoulders. So they need to lose some weight to get in good shape. If you are looking for a quick fix for this problem then try standing oblique flexion. This exercise is also known as “twisting backbend” and it also engages your lower abdominal muscles as well.

How to perform?

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, your back must be straight and your knees slightly twisted. Now hold a barbell at the level of your hip with one of your hands. Now start bringing the weight downward (at the level of the hips) until your torso is parallel to the floor. keep in mind to keep your spine in a straight position during the exercise. Now slowly lift your torso back up by contracting your obliques without allowing your legs to bend or knees to lock out.

Repeat the exercise 10 times before switching sides; perform 2 sets total on each side.

4. Performing dumbbell overhead press.

This workout engages your shoulders, chest, and triceps muscles. If you perform this exercise regularly it will help you to build strength in your arms and shoulders while also giving you a nice curve to your physique as well.

How to perform?

Stand in a way that your feet are slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and torso straight. Hold each dumbbell in both of your hands at your shoulder height with palms facing in the forward direction.

Push the dumbbell straight overhead until your arms are fully stretched over your head. Take a pause at the top of the movement and then slowly start lowering the weight back to the beginning position.

Along with that, as I discussed before, if you want to make your exercise more progressive, keep in mind to wear high-quality and lightweight gym outfits.

5. Performing the bird dog exercise.

The bird dog workout is an incredible way to work your back, arms, and on your shoulder muscles. It helps to build up your upper-body strength and can also be used as a warm-up for other workouts.

How to perform?

get started in the quadruped position (on all fours). Engage the core by contracting your abdominal muscles.

Raise one of your arms and the opposite leg both at the same time.  Keep your weight evenly distributed between the back and front of your body, without sagging or arching.

Hold this pose for at least 5 to 6 seconds before lowering back down to the beginning position. Repeat the exercise on both sides until you have finished 10 reps per side.

Bottom line

Sexy curves are all about the way you look. They are not just about the shape of your body but also about your personality. Also, they make you look attractive, confident, and very beautiful. So if you want to get the hourglass curvy figure, in less time, you must start practicing these exercises regularly, eat healthy food, and also keep yourself hydrated. Good luck!

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