Hair Loss Solutions for the Young Bald Man

For most men, going bald is about the most dreaded occurrence imaginable. Losing your hair, especially at a young age, can be a very debilitating experience. Furthermore, having a limited budget for treatment can lead to the stress and anguish that comes along with hair loss. Although there are hair restoration methods available to us in 2017, often times the cost far exceeds what a young patient can afford. Nevertheless there are solutions available to younger men on a smaller budget.

Getting Reliable Results for Hair Loss

Although there are many medications and over the counter treatments available to help slow or stop hair loss, typically the efforts are futile, with little to no results. The situation is even more dire for young aged individuals that are already experiencing severe hair loss. At this point hair loss medications can do little to restore your situation, especially for hairline areas. Many men have now turned to hair transplantation options as a more effective way to re-grow your own natural hair.

A proven method of hair transplantation is a process called Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. This process involves harvesting of individual hair grafts and placing these active follicles into the necessary regions of your head. Of course ample donor areas are required to sufficiently supply those bald or regressing areas. More advanced methods utilize other parts of the body for Body Hair Transplant FUE procedures.

Cost Considerations for Young Hair Transplant Patients

Hair surgeons typically charge per graft. And fulfilling a hair restoration can take upwards to 10, 20 or even 30 thousand grafts. You can imagine the cost associated with this type of extensive procedure.

A young balding man with limited fiscal resources would immediately think this type of surgery is not an option for him. Whether you still are a student or just started your career, the type of extra income needed is hard to come by. However, viable financing options with affordable monthly payments can make it possible to benefit from a hair transplant.

Choosing A Conservative, Low Graft Count Procedure

Other route would be to choose an experienced doctor to harvest a conservative number of grafts to achieve satisfying results. Especially true for younger patients, a long-term plan to save donor grafts must be factored into any decision prior to any type of treatment. Often times younger patients do not consider the life long impact of any surgery, specifically hair transplantation.

For example, this patient from Los Angeles, California was faced with a similar predicament. He was tired of suffering from hair loss at a young age but only had so much funds to do something about it. With the help of his hair transplant surgeon, they devised a conservative low donor graft plan that would not only allow the patient to wear the buzz cut hairstyle he had wished for many years but also leave the door open for any future procedures. The young student could not have been more pleased with his results, all made possible within his modest budget.

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