6 tips for infection prevention in the gym

6 tips for infection prevention in the gym

If you are a gym goer then you’ve probably observed that most of the people are wearing their loose-fitting gym clothes, reeking of body odor, and rubbing on each other. Going to the gym is way more than just a way to keep yourself fit. It’s also a means of escape from the daily grind, and that’s probably one of the reasons why most people go to the gym on a regular basis. 

Gym Goers are at a higher risk of infection due to their physical movements, cuts, and due to skin contact with other athletes. While we’re all having fun, sometimes our actions leave us exposed to the problem of catching some nasty diseases from other individuals. 

But if you’re careful about knowing how to minimize the risks of infections you will be able to focus on your own workout, will be able to spend more time in the gym, and less time-fighting infections.

So in today’s article, 6 tips for infection prevention in the gym will be discussed that will help you to achieve your fitness goals in a smart way. But before debating further let me tell you that if you are planning to get a membership to the gym in order to improve your overall fitness you need to wear comfortable, lightweight athletic wear so that you can get the maximum out of your workout session. 

Common bacteria present in the gym

Staphylococcus is also known by many other names such as Staph, MRSA, and SARM. It is a contagious bacteria that exists on the skin and nose, mouth, and throat of 10% to 33% of the population.

1. Be sure that your fitness center follows the hygiene SOPs. 

You may find that in some gyms the exercise equipment is not cleaned properly and there are a lot of other people using the same equipment, which can transfer bacterial and viral infections. 

To prevent this from happening must make sure that the fitness centers must follow the hygiene SOPs for infection prevention. 

But if in case you have doubts regarding the cleanliness of gym equipment purchase your own wipes. Before starting the workout clean the exercise machine bars with the help of wipes that must be having 60 percent of alcohol. 

2. Purchase your own gym accessories. 

Are you familiar with the fact that gym towels are a haven for bacteria, and spread several diseases? Instead of using gym towels, get your own towel which should always be there with you in your gym bag. 

Also instead of using gym exercise mats get your mat because gym mats are a big source of fungal, viral, and bacterial infections when they are not cleaned on a regular basis. 

Also as I described before if you want to enhance your fitness level make sure that you must be wearing sweat-wicking and stretchable gym workout clothes that should provide you comfort during your exercise and training sessions. 

3. Take a bath after a workout. 

Why should you take a bath after working out? A gym is a place where people sweat to get stronger and healthier. Sweat itself is not an impurity that leads to an infection, but it gives birth to bacteria that live on our body and grow within our skin pores which cause itchiness and infections. Therefore, after your intense exercise session, it becomes imperative to remove sweat from your body as soon as possible. 

If in case you get the bath in the gym try to use your own bath accessories such as sleepers. 

4. Avoid sitting in wet clothes after a workout. 

Get your body dry, and avoid sitting straight away, after your exercise session. Drying your body is a good way to prevent yourself from infections such as yeast infection as well as jock itch. 

5. Wash your workout outfits regularly.

As we are familiar with the fact that washing fitness clothes are absolutely necessary after each workout session. But why? Washing the clothing after the post-workout is compulsory because If you don’t wash away the sweat, you will not only ruin your workout clothes but also you will get yourself exposed to a skin infection. 

So it’s important to wash your gym workout clothes with lukewarm water before going to the gym. 

6. Use sanitizer after your exercise.

Do you know that most gyms are riddled with the flu virus? In fact, the most recent studies revealed that over 85% of gyms for CrossFit or other intense exercises have the virus. So it’s really important that you must use hand sanitizer before, during, and after your workout session. Always carry the small bottle of sanitizer in your gym bag. 

Working out at the gym can be a great way to get in shape. But unfortunately, it’s also a breeding ground for germs. From other people’s personal belongings to shared equipment and personal hygiene habits, the gym is not always clean and hygienic. 

So, by following a few simple steps (discussed in this article) you can easily avoid getting sick while exercising at the gym. Stay safe and enjoy your workout!


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