Health services offered by Living Health Group

Living Health Group provides a range of health services at one convenient place. They are experts in the treatment and diagnosis of different injuries. They get you feeling better, moving better, and back to ultimate performance from table to the sports field. They provide the same dedication and care to athletes, desk jockeys, and even CEOs.

The team of Living Health Group is composed of passionate practitioners. They are driven to support you achieve your health goals and improving your performance. They have to combine approaches to assist aid the restoration. Also, promoting the efficiency of the body’s, health and well-being. They are doing it by educating clients. Working hand in hand as a team to improve treatment plans, exercise prescriptions, and rehab.


Services offered by the Living Health Group

  • Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a treatment centered on searching areas of muscle dysfunction. And using massage to aid restore function back to those areas.

  • Myotherapy

Myotherapy is a form of allied health that uses tools such as dry needling, soft tissue massage, education, and exercise. Myotherapy is a treatment to manage pain, lessen the chance of future injury.

  • Osteopathy

Osteopathy is an effective form of treatment that focuses on determining the main cause of your injury. Restoring movement patterns, maximizing the body’s function. This enables the body to work at an ideal capacity. At Living Health Group, they have trusted and experienced osteopaths who take a comprehensive approach to your health. Focusing on how to avoid this reoccurrence, underlying cause of your condition or injury. They educate you on are reasons for the changes in your body. Also, produce a road map for you to improve your health.

  • Dry Needling

Dry needling is a type of method they use to help ease tension in the body. It performs by inserting a thin needle into a tissue or muscle that is sore. This leads to a minor injury to that tissue, stimulating a healing response. Dry needling eases irritable muscles or precipitates points within the muscles. It aids in promoting blood flow to aid the area, letting the area heal instantly. Dry needling is executed by their qualified and well-trained Osteopaths. They have spent years of dry needling and are experts in this field.

  • Telehealth

Using online consultations, your osteopath can help you in giving advice. Exercises, stretching, and self-treatment procedures to be done at home. Their Telehealth appointments provide a lot of benefits.

  • Easy to access from a computer or any smartphone
  • Their Clinicians can continue to recommend or Diagnose treatments and experience and stretching programs
  • Stay in the comfort of your places

At Living Health Group, they have a lot of experience handling injuries and relieving body pains and aches. They give world-class care leading to the best possible results.

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