How Does Masturbation Affect Libido?

It’s almost like the age-old chicken and egg conversation – which came first? Was it libido first and then masturbation, or did a little touching of one’s self lead to an extra order of sex drive? Thankfully, society has moved past its more colorful masturbation side effects such as hairy hands and going blind and is now focused on the physiological and psychological effects of choking the chicken. Some men worry that scheduling regular “self-care” time will make a man stop wanting to get horizontal with a lover. After all, who knows how to make a man reach the point of no return better than he does himself? Put all these worries aside; there’s a lot more evidence that it helps libido and the desire for (and the performance that follows) partnered sex than may be believed.

Masturbation won’t negatively impact desire

Worried that too much self-pleasure will cause the urge to get it on to wilt? Worry no more! Going solo has a very small impact on testosterone levels, the sex hormones that largely control libido. In fact, the stress relief a regular wank provides could actually help. Orgasm floods the body with oxytocin, the feel-good hormone also known as the love hormone, and it actually helps prime the pump sexually and keeps libido strong for a partnered session.

Masturbation leads to better sex

Sure, no one can do it just like you do, but knowing what you like and what feelings are possible can make you a better lover. It can also improve communication and satisfaction when you play a little show-and-tell with your partner. Show them what works for you and vice versa.

Masturbation also helps a man understand his refractory period, or the period of time it takes a man to get aroused again after orgasm. This can vary widely depending on a man’s individual health, diet, level of daily physical activity, and stress levels.

It’s also good to note that masturbation doesn’t always have to result in orgasm. In fact, starting a little solo time up and not finishing can not only help a man save up his sexual energy but also teach him how to delay and control ejaculation when intimate with a partner.

Masturbation promotes confidence and positive self-image

Unlike the feelings about masturbation that pervaded the many eons that preceded this era, masturbation is no longer something to feel ashamed of or guilty about. It’s no longer the dirty little secret that everyone is keeping. In fact, surveys are showing a positive correlation between masturbation and good, healthy, pleasurable experiences with partnered sex as a result. Being in touch with one’s body and how to derive pleasure from it makes men more confident in the sack and beyond.

Masturbation in a nutshell (pun intended)

A recent report on pleasure says that 84 percent of Americans have some level of experience with charming their one-eyed snake, meaning pretty much everyone is doing it. It’s a healthy behavior that not only keeps libido levels steady but also provides benefits in other areas of a man’s sexual and physical health and well-being.

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