How Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers Treat Back Strains

One of the medical complaints doctors hear about the most are back strain injuries. This happens to athletes and non-athletes all the time. 25% of all adults have experienced lower back pain at some point in their lives and chances are you could be one of those people. Medical professionals such as physical therapists and athletic trainers handle back strain treatment on a regular basis. Since this is a regular thing they deal with, then why not take advantage of their knowledge to aid in reducing your back pain and discomfort.

Before moving forward with the advice below, it is always wise to seek your doctor’s opinion so you can be properly diagnosed and then correctly treated.

Back Strain Treatment

Common treatment from physical therapist and athletic trainers that athletes use to treat back strains:

1. Anti-inflammatory: After straining your back, it is a good idea to take some anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling and to control any pain associated with the injury. Controlling the swelling as soon as possible can facilitate a fast recovery.

2. Cyrotherapy (Cold Therapy): The use of cyrotherapy to treat strain injuries associated with the back, is a widely accepted method of treatment. The benefits of cyrotherapy are a decrease in swelling, pain control, and the reduction of cellular metabolism. When there is a decrease in cellular metabolism the process of healing and recovery speeds up and prevents secondary tissue growth. Cryotherapy combined with active compression are a very effective combination for alleviating pain, reducing swelling, and for a quick recovery.

3. Spinal Manipulation and Massage: Chiropractors use soft tissue manipulation, which loosens tight muscles surrounding the spine. This has been shown to reduce pain in the back.

4. Heat Therapy: Heat should not be used the first few days after suffering a back strain. Applying heat can cause vasodilation, which contributes to additional swelling. Heat therapy works best when applied in the later phases of the recovery process. Heat treatment can improve mobility and can reduce pain.

It does not take much to strain your back. Simply over-stretching while reaching for something can strain your back muscles. You do not have to fall or have physical contact. No matter how you sustained your back injury; correct, fast, and effective treatment is very important in order to accelerate the process of healing.

Many professional athletes are advised to use Game Ready Products for cyrotherapy and active compression. Not only are Game Ready Products available to athletes but to the general public as well.

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