The Route to Happiness Through Therapy

Studies have shown that people who feel that are realising their ambitions are the happiest. Contrary to the popular belief that money equals happiness, these individuals are unlikely to be earning the highest salary or living a glamourous celebrity life. Instead they are working hard to fulfil their goals, whilst taking time to engage with others and make a difference.

If we identify what we would like to achieve, we are better able to identify ways in which we can work towards that goal. Our dream could be anything, but in order to gain the desired sense of fulfilment, it needs to be achievable. You may wish to write a book, to scale a mountain, to start up our own business, to perform on stage, to get offered a particular job or to travel. With focus, patience and commitment, these goals can be realised.

Short and Medium Term Actions

To make dreams reality, we have to be willing to take action. This usually involves stepping out of your usual routine and therefore involves an element of change. Change can be a challenge for many people and it comes with a degree of risk, however, you will need to embrace change in order to make things happen.

Few goals can be achieved in one giant leap. It is usually advisable to break down what you need to do into smaller steps. Start by planning one thing that you could do each week for the next three months that will move you in the right direction. These are your short term goals. Writing them down and ticking them off as you go can give you focus and a sense of achievement.

Medium term goals are things that you need to commit to in the coming year. These could include signing up and attending a course that will help you to develop new skills and accreditation, attending conferences or other relevant events and building a network of people that could support you in achieving your goal. In the medium term, you can also create a new list of short and medium term goals that will move you even closer to your target.

Recognising Barriers

Every one of us faces internal and external barriers that can hold us back. These could be voices of doubt in your head and uncertainty caused by past experiences. It could be pressure from others who may feel that they are trying to help and protect you, but instead encourage fear, guilt and other emotions to stir in your mind.

If these negative factors are unchallenged they can be strong enough to prevent us from reaching our potential and living the life we want to lead. They can hold us back from being the person we want to become. However, if we recognise and acknowledge these barriers and take action to overcome them we can continue on our journey to fulfilment.

It can be difficult to challenge these barriers alone, so it is advisable to seek external support. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a tried and tested process that can challenge the factors that are holding us back. In a confidential environment, with a professional counsellor, it is possible to face your fears and find a way forward.

If you are looking for cognitive behavioural therapy, Amersham based Cognisant Personal Development and Training can help you follow the path towards a content and happy future, where you achieve your goals.

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