Different Types of Pregnancy Tests and What They’re All About

Finding out you’re pregnant can give you the butterflies, especially when it’s the first time! You don’t really know what to expect and are instantly overwhelmed by a rollercoaster of emotions. Female instincts are usually on point when it comes to these things, therefore most women first check a pregnancy by themselves with a home pregnancy test or an online pregnancy test before visiting a doctor.

A home-based test, also known as a urine strip test or a clear blue pregnancy test is done to confirm a pregnancy at home by dipping a stick into a urine sample to detect the presence of a hormone known as B-hcg which is elevated during pregnancy. The strip turns blue if it is positive.

An online pregnancy test is a quick online test or quiz that gets you to answer different questions based on your signs and symptoms and then assesses whether you could be pregnant or not. It will tally your answers and score them in the form of a final percentage.

There are even different pregnancy related calculators online that can predict your chances of getting pregnant if you have been looking forward to it. It will give you tips and advice on what might help you conceive a baby. If it is taking more time than you anticipated, an ovulation test can assist you in identifying your ‘fertile window’. This is the time an ovary releases one or more eggs each month. It is only viable for 12-24 hours for fertilization so calculation and timing of your monthly cycle has to be pretty accurate for this method to be effective.

You don’t have to worry about loitering for long hours in waiting rooms anymore! Dealing with pregnancy issues is not easy and can be extremely stressful. Online access to quality healthcare will eliminate all that unnecessary stress! Scheduled, physical appointments will only be required for timely scans and other tests to monitor the well-being of the baby. If something unexpected should occur, visit your doctor as soon as you can!

In the case of an uneventful and otherwise smooth pregnancy, you can maintain follow-ups, keep a check on your supplements and attain guidance and counselling every step of the way either via phone calls, texts, video calls or e-mails. The choice is yours!

No more restless nights thinking about your next doctor’s visit. Keep that pregnancy pillow close and snooze away!

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