Brazilian Bikini Wax – Common Questions Answered

One of the most popular bikinis waxing style or method is the Brazilian bikini wax. And since modern men and women value their personal hygiene more, people are getting more and more interested about this waxing style. Compiled below are the most common questions regarding Brazilian Bikini Wax and their respective answers:

What exactly is Brazilian Bikini Wax?

Brazilian Bikini Wax is a hair waxing or hair removal method that obviously originated from the land of Brazil where women generally love wearing thongs or bikinis. To avoid possible exposure of unwanted body hair, this bikini waxing style is invented for maximum comfort and body cleanliness.

How is the Brazilian Bikini Wax performed?

This is performed by completely removing body hair found near the vulva, perineum and anus part which features the sensitive parts of the female genitalia: mons pubis and labia majora. Some generally regard this as the king or queen of bikini waxing because it entails a complete removal of the majority of the hair around the genital area. Generally, types of Brazilian waxing leave a tiny strip of body or pubic hair (landing strip) above the female’s genital part. Some customers also prefer the removal of body hair around the buttocks area to project long-lasting results.

Is Brazilian Bikini Wax painful?

Truthfully speaking, it is. But licensed or expert aestheticians can help alleviate the pain by applying special depilatory creams that is both good and safe to the human skin.

What are the advantages of choosing this bikini waxing method?

Clients or customers generally prefer this method because it produces a cleaner and longer-lasting result as compared to the other bikini waxing techniques.

Can this wax method be applied to men as well? If so, how?

Although women undertake this method more often than men, this bikini waxing technique can also be done to men. This entails the removal of some hairs around the penis area while generally leaving a certain hair patch to prevent excessive irritation.

Is this method affordable?

Hair wax clinics generally offer reasonable rates commensurate to service.

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