Brazilian Waxing – The Professional Choice in Waxing

One of the forms of pubic hair removal is Brazilian waxing and it is used to indicate the total or partial removal of pubic hair with waxing. Though it is possible to do a bikini wax in the comfort of your home, if you want a full Brazilian bikini wax, it is better to do it at a salon. This is because the Brazilian wax job includes the complete removal of hair in the perennial, anal and vaginal area.

A typical Brazilian wax job will cost you anything between $30 and $105 in beauty salons. Though most people have all their hair removed with this wax job, some prefer having a thin strip of hair in front. Today not only women ask for a Brazilian wax job, but even men.

With a Brazilian wax job, the waxer first trims the pubic hair to ½ inch length and then applies hot wax on these areas to be ripped off using cotton strips. It is advisable to sprinkle talc on these areas as the talc absorbs any moisture here. With moisture, waxing proves to be a bit difficult and painful.

It is better and safer for you to have your Brazilian wax job done by a professional. Ask friends or your beauty parlor for suggestions for a professional in Brazilian waxing. The advantage of using the services of a professional waxer is that there will be a limited number of repeated waxing on the same spot. However if you have the same waxing done by an unskilled person, they may repeat the procedure numerous times to prolong the pain and discomfort that comes with Brazilian waxing.

With a professional, the wax is pulled off with a fast movement while the novice may hesitate and cause you more pain. Make sure that the salon that you approach is a licensed one as they use sterilized instruments and are more hygienic. Make sure fresh coverings are used, and the waxing tools sanitized and sterilized for each customer. And after your Brazilian waxing job, applying some soothing lotion will help reduce any discomfort you may feel.

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