How Much Weight Can You Lose During Sex?

Sport – just thinking about it, we begin to think that this is not for us, it is very difficult, we have to run in the morning, go to the gym. Few will reach the desired result. But what if you combine business with pleasure, for example, to lose weight and gain shape through wild sex.

Typically, when we hear the words sex, our brain cheeres up and begins to draw nice pictures. And, how much weight you can lose, we will analyze in more detail. The muscular system of the body is divided into several groups, but, despite all that, during sex all the muscles work together harmoniously. Under load, the abdominal muscles immediately begin to work on the muscles that are located in the perineum. Then muscles come into play in buttocks and other areas, soon energetic work is transferred to the entire body. With increased work of the whole body, sweat glands begin to work, which helps to get rid of excess toxins.

The more intense the load during intercourse, the brighter the orgasm will be, which will appeal to both partners. When making love, we experience a lot of positive emotions, which will awaken the desire to repeat it over and over again. A distinctive detail between sex and sports will be that the body will receive the same load, but without heavy adaptation. Losing weight through sex is possible, but you need to consider what position you will take.

Active role in sex for quick weight loss

If you decide to take a passive role and just enjoy your partner’s actions, then the result will be zero. But if you take an active position every time, then the result will not keep you waiting long.

During the active position, you will sweat and lose weight. To get the desired result, try to have regular sex in an active positions. Paying attention to this type of exercise for a small amount of time, the calories spent will quickly return. There are two types of activity in bed. The first type is when both partners take an active position. Working in tandem, they support each other, motivate, benefit and enjoy. The second type of activity is when only one of partners is engaged in moving actively, and the second chooses a passive position. In this situation, both partners get pleasure, but only one will achieve the weight loss effect.

The active position has its advantages, both physical and psychological. If every contact with your partner is active, the effect of such activity will be much more lasting. With a two-hour session of active intercourse, you can use up most of the calories that were obtained during a three-course dinner. Unfortunately, not everyone turns out to achieve the result quickly and without much effort for this. If the girl has quite a lot of weight, then it will not be possible to reach orgasm immediately. Because of this, it may decrease the desire to take an active position, if you do not stop such activities completely.

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