Different Types of Incontinence Aids for Women

Today, urinary incontinence (UI) has become a common problem among men and women of all ages. People who suffer from this medical condition undergo a lot of stress as it affects the quality of their life. It can occur due to other health problems like diabetes and obesity or as a result of surgery/surgeries. UI is highly prevalent in women, especially in women of over 60 years of age. Though various treatment options are available, it is not feasible for all to opt for this due to various reasons. But, it doesn’t mean that there is no good solution to optimally manage urinary incontinence. Below discussed are the various urinary incontinence supplies for women, which would ensure independent living and maintain dignity at work or social gatherings.

Incontinence Panties: There are unisex incontinence pants, but with the specifically-designed briefs, women can get that extra protection and security. Stretch briefs with stitched-in absorbent pad are ideal for women with light incontinence. In circumstances where you cannot access the restroom easily, then opt for briefs with removable pads. In these incontinence panties, you can use pads of varied thickness for longer wear. Other type of incontinence briefs available for women is disposable brief. Tear down feature in disposable briefs makes them ideal for travel. Waterproof pants with removable pads and for wear over adult diapers are the other options on tap.

Pads and Liners: Pads are intended to be used with briefs and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit individual needs. Disposable and reusable insert able pads to be used with a specific brand or a variety of undergarments are sold. Though look similar to sanitary pads, they are made longer, wider and thicker than the former to best aid in the management of bladder control problems. For women with heavy incontinence, shaped (contoured) pads are the perfect choice. They usually extend from the front waist to the back waist and integrate a waterproof backing. Some even come with the materials to convert the wet into gel inside the pad. Adult diapers have a highly absorbent inner layer and waterproof backing like the other incontinence pads. They can be relied on for the high degree of leak protection.

Mattress Covers: In spite of using incontinence pads and briefs, bed wetting becomes unavoidable in few circumstances. To prevent this incidence, using mattress covers would be wise. This is a one-time investment as well. They generally are waterproof, and most of them are machine washable.

Disposable Wet Wipes: Incontinence may lead to infections and skin irritations. Wet wipe is the best way to keep you skin clean, fresh, and free of infections. At the time of changing briefs or pads, these wipes can be used to remove any urine from the skin. Some wipes contain Aloe Vera, which not just prevent but also aid in healing the infected skin.

Though there is a multitude of women incontinence supplies available in medical supply stores, you have to be cautious while choosing incontinence aids. Comfort is the major factor to be considered, be it the material, size, or shape. Next comes the absorbency level, your incontinence supplies should be good enough to handle any volume of leakage. Finally, the style of incontinence aids should suit your lifestyle.

This article would have provided you an insight of the various incontinence supplies for women and how to choose the right one. Henceforth, you would never feel depressed due to incontinence, be it at office, parties, outdoor events, or sports activities.

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