What To Do About Bacterial Vaginosis – How Can You Get Rid Of BV

If you would like to know what to do about bacterial vaginosis, then you are most certainly not alone! During their adult lives, most women will suffer from an outbreak of BV. For some, it is nothing but a fleeting episode which disappears as quickly as it arrived. For others though, it can cause years of misery, with repeated attacks becoming the “norm”, despite multiple courses of antibiotics.

Bacterial vaginosis is caused by an imbalance of the naturally occurring bacteria within the vagina. What causes the imbalance is almost impossible to determine, but it is likely to be due to one of a number of common factors. What is strange, is that many women are unaffected by the trigger factors, but for some, just the slightest issue can provoke an outbreak.

Knowing what to do about bacterial vaginosis is often about knowing the common factors and avoiding them where possible. Below is a list of some of the trigger points:-

* Antibiotics

* Use of perfumed products/soaps etc around the vagina

* Harsh detergents

* Germs from the anal area

* Wearing tight panties made from synthetic fabrics

* Stress

* Eating a poor diet

* Douching

If none of these trigger factors look familiar and you are still wondering what to do about bacterial vaginosis, then try the following 3 home remedies:-

1. Probiotic Yogurt – dip a tampon in this yogurt and leave in the vagina for a couple of hours to “kick-start” the body’s production of healthy bacteria

2. Cider Vinegar – Add a couple of cupfuls to a shallow bath. The gentle acidity will help to rebalance the pH levels

3. Tea tree Oil-Ready-made pessaries are a great way to kill off harmful bacteria. Alternatively, add 10-12 drops to a shallow bath.

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