Modified Yoga Classes Help Coping With Post Election Emotion

The current American election was brutal. Millions of people all over the globe hated the outcome; myself included. Past elections have brought the same disbelief. Many voters couldn’t believe when George W. Bush or Barack Obama were elected. There will always be an election or a time period that causes extreme stress. I’m not saying this change will be good or bad, but we have to deal with the stress, anxiety, and the fear as a byproduct of the current American Election.

Modified yoga helps ease the post-election stress that ricochets across the globe right now. The meditations during class helps to keep one calm, and to see that in this present moment nothing more has happened. What has happened is a candidate has been elected. The breathing and focus of the yoga poses, allows participants to focus only on the poses and tasks at hand.

The visualization exercises of the classes assist my clients in imagining natural spaces; like the water, or the mountains where they see and feel themselves calm, peaceful, nurtured and protected.

It gives participants moments to connect to the divine energy of this planet, and to access earth wisdom; that is as old as the earth, to show them, the best solutions, for what is going on right now on the planet.

This election also shows, the great division which has occurred, in America and across the world. Something has been brewing for a very long time. The unrest is a symptom of what is there. We have a choice; to look at the outcome, and really understand, that an energy is present right now, which brought about this outcome. If this election outcome hadn’t have happened, nobody would protest for change, no one would have noticed, the degree of division, and dissatisfaction that exists.

People begin to ask themselves, how did this happen, and what can I do now. In modified yoga classes, and meditations, participants gear for change, focusing wholly on what is good, and to make a distinction of what they don’t want. The mind is clear and calm, and that helps one to know what to do next. Sometimes there is nothing to do immediately. But there are connections, and there are circles of other people on this planet who want the same outcomes. That connection starts to transform the space of the planet.

In my modified yoga classes, I prod everyone to stay focused, and not to let their mind wander. Projection of the future, is useless. We don’t have a future moment right now. We only have one moment to live at a time. It’s what is here and right now. Even myself, I have to bring my focus back, from any terrifying projection for the future, which I might have. Nothing has happened in the future. The past events have shown us, what can be. We have to make a choice, to take action in this present moment, to ensure, that the horrific events of the past can never happen again, without our awareness.

Inversion poses in yoga get blood to the brain, heart and lungs. It allows the brain to be cleared and stimulated. I would like to describe one pose that is really helpful, and is one of my personal favorites. Put your right foot forward, interlock your fingers behind you, or use a strap. Hold onto the straps by your hips. Tip yourself forward, and lift your arms up towards the sky. Lean your chest or stomach forward onto your front quad muscle. It’s challenging and requires focus, but when you rest your chest on your forward leg, it relieves a lot of stress in your shoulders, and brings blood to your head.

In a chair, tip your head forward and hold your strap on your back near the hips or interlock your fingers to lift up your arms. You can turn your body to the side if the chair is without arms. Then tip yourself forward to the side. That is one of the poses that help. Modified yoga offers gentle stretching, strength building and guided meditation to keep you in a present moment, where you can connect, take action, or stay calm and focused.

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