Calisthenics For Elderly

Calisthenics For Elderly: How To Build Body Strength At Home

With the rising number of diseases in the elderly population, it has become pivotal to take care of the body. What better way to induce strength than simple calisthenics exercises? Calisthenics helps you stay fit by building strength and improving mobility with the help of your own body weight. In this comprehensive guide, you can easily get all the details on how the elderly can build optimum strength using the power of calisthenics while staying at home. So, without any further ado, let us dive right into the details in the below section.

Tips To Get Started With Calisthenics For The Elderly At Home

Take a sneak peek at the top tips to help the elderly get started with calisthenics in no time.

1. Set Realistic Expectations

As you get old, your body will take time to adjust to calisthenics exercises and you will progress slowly. This does not mean that you will not see any progress or calisthenics is not good for your body. You have to remember that your muscles and joints don’t have the same strength as they had at a younger age. So, you have to start with the basics while setting realistic goals according to your body.  This will cause less frustration and you will make real progress without quitting your journey to become fit. You can download any best calisthenics apps on your mobile to learn the basic forms and create a regime according to your fitness level.

2. Sweat Is Not The Only Indicator Of Hard Work

You may not sweat as much while performing strength training exercises as they do not produce as much heat as the cardiologist exercises. So, don’t worry if there is less sweat while you perform these exercises in your calisthenics routine. Sweating is the response of your body to the heat produced by it. You have to ensure that you take ample rest between the strength training exercises and learn the proper technique to avoid injuries. Calisthenics Worldwide is one of the top platforms that offers a wide knowledge base where you can learn all the techniques and forms easily.

Just remember, you have to stay consistent while progressing forward to get fit and avoid being demotivated if you don’t see any sweat.

3. Prepare Your Workout Environment

Calisthenics don’t require a lot of equipment while you perform different exercises. So, you don’t need to clear a lot of space to carry on your routine. However, as an elderly, you need easy access to the location where you can perform your daily exercises. Make sure that you have ample space for a mat and that there are no hindrances while you perform the exercises. This will reduce the chance of any accident and you will be able to perform the exercises peacefully.

4. Focus On Proper Nutrition And Recovery

Nutrition and proper recovery are two critical aspects of the fitness journey that you need to consider while you progress forward. No matter how hard you push your body, you will not see proper results from your exercise regime if you don’t fulfill these two aspects. Inadequate sleep and recovery will reduce your cognitive function and increase the stress level while lack of proper nutrition will hinder your body growth. So, make sure you take a balanced diet according to your age and take ample rest to let your body recover from the stress and fatigue caused by the exercises.

Some Calisthenics Exercises For The Elderly

Here are some of the exercises in calisthenics that are safe to perform for seniors at home. You can start your journey with these exercises and then slowly progress to advanced levels.

Bodyweight squats

Wall push-ups

Seated dips

Standing calf-raises

Knee lifts

Knee push-ups

Ankle circles

Seated rows

Arm circles

The Final Verdict

All-in-all, Calisthenics plays a key in regaining all the lost strength in the best way. You just need to follow the tips shared above to witness a significant difference in your health. The best thing is that you don’t need any equipment to begin your calisthenics journey. Also, always start slow and as per the body’s comfort and then, start building on top of it.

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