What Are Some Different Massage Techniques?

What are some different massage techniques that are easy to do? There are many different techniques that are not hard to do. Also many different types of massage. From Swedish, sports, prenatal, trigger point therapy to myofascial, Thai yoga, acupressure, neuro-muscular, shiatsu massage.

But before you give a massage you need to know two things. How do you make your client comfortable? And how do you massage the right way? The number one thing is to make sure that the room is at the right temperature. Also you want to make sure that you a massage table to make the massage more pleasurable. Or have a deep blanket on the floor and have two pillows, one for under the chin and one for the legs.

As for the techniques, make sure you find a book or someone that already know how to do the type of massage you want to know. Or just read on to find out some of the ways to give a good massage. Here are just a few of the many different techniques.

The first of the Swedish technique is effleurage. Long strokes that are flowing toward the heart to help with circulation. Next is compression and it is what it sounds like. Pushing the muscle down a little or to the bone. Petrissage is a that is a C shaped stroke that takes two hands to do and it pulls the muscle from the bone.

There is also on that is called friction that is quick movements without lotion. You have to create heat between your hands and helps get circulation in the skin. The next technique is vibration is a fast movement to enhance circulation or to flush out interstitial fluid.

Also there a few of techniques that are the basic massage. Fan stroking is one of the first of the basic massage. Hands down on the side of the body and slide up with a straight back. Slowly fan your fingers out to the side a release. Then glide them down the sides and pull back to the original position. The next one is circular stroking is when you use both hands on one side and one hand completes a full circle and the other is making a half circle.

Thumb stroking is one that is more firm than most. Stroke firmly upward out with the left thumb. Now do it with the other thumb. Alternate between the both thumbs in a smooth motion. This is a great way to relieve tease neck muscles. Cat stroking is a very light stroke starting with your left hand. Glide your hand down the body like petting a cat. This one can put the receiver to sleep.

If you do not feel comfortable or your client does not feel right do not do it. Tell them to give you feedback to make sure they are having pleasant experience. Do not go directly on the joints and if they have open wounds. There many other techniques like circular pressure, static pressure, and knuckling.

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