Ido Fishman Explains Why Exercising without a Trainer Is Not Advisable

One of the misconceptions that people usually have about working out and exercising is that they can do it all alone. You can run, jog, walk, or even exercise alone, and on the surface, noting seems wrong with that. However, when you look deep inside, you realize that there is a huge problem with this approach. Whatever is wrong with this way of exercising, it is you who will be harmed in the long run. That’s why Ido Fishman advises that you should have a professional trainer to help you with your workouts and exercises.

When you hear about Ido Fishman fitness, you can instantly think of a professional organization of programs, workout routines, and exercises that can help you transform. In simple words, you can safely say that whatever advice comes from this professional is going to help you in a great way. Let’s take a look at what he has to say about not exercising and working out alone.

You Will Do It Wrong

This is something a lot of newbies completely overlook. They think that exercising is simple because they just have to move their bodies in a certain way and they will start losing weight. No, this is not how things work. When you exercise, you have to make sure that you do it with the right posture. Doing in the wrong body position can result in you having severe and everlasting back pains and other body aches. Also, you have to keep in mind that when you don’t exercise properly, you don’t get the results that you are after. This is a huge let-down right at the start that demotivates more people than you may realize.

So, make sure that you are accompanied by a professional who knows what exercises will work for you and how you should do them. You will be shocked to discover the number of people who end up with back pains only because they are working out in the wrong posture.

You Won’t Know How to Measure Your Progress

Another issue that you will face when you are taking things up on your shoulders without the help of someone is that you will not be able to measure the progress you are making. This is quite common. A lot of people start working out without having any goals. When you exercise, you will be fit and your body will look toned right? No, that’s not the right assumption at all. When you exercise, you will feel tired—that might be a universal truth for humans. You won’t achieve the goals that you have set for yourself unless you are putting in the best efforts.

At the same time, you should know how to set milestone for your progress and how to achieve them. With a trainer, you don’t have to stress over these things because they can take care of it all.

You Won’t Know the Right Combinations

Ido Fishman says that most people don’t really know the meaning of “combinations” when it comes to exercises and workouts. In most cases, when you tell people about combinations, they think you will talk about food combinations that can help you stay fit. However, you have exercise combinations as well. These combinations can help you achieve the goals you have set faster. This means you will progress faster and see results sooner. However, only the right professional can tell you about the best combinations of exercises that will take you to your fit self quickly.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are still going through the process of deciding whether or not you should exercise, make sure you go with the expert’s advice if you decide to work out. Don’t start without a trainer because you will not gain the benefits for which you are exercising. At the same time, if you don’t exercise the right way, you can end up hurting yourself and damaging a part of your body permanently.

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