Smoking Effect on the Mouth & Teeth: How to Kick the Habit

The best reason most of the smokers come up to justify their smoking habit is that all their problems are blown away as soon as they start exhaling. It is far from reality and just a belief as it is one of the habits that drains your money and ruins your health and kills you slowly and gradually. Smoking causes lots of damage to the body as a whole, including your mouth and teeth. The process of the smoking incepts from the mouth and involvement of the teeth during the process is indispensable. Still the problems persisting in these body parts are the last to receive attention from any smoker.

People are aware that smoking is dangerous to health, but most of them are unaware that it is their dental health that suffers most because of the habit. Smoking has countless effects on the mouth and teeth of smokers. Its effects can be reversed, but for that, you have to kick the habit, and it is possible only when you have the information about its effects on the teeth and your dental health. It leads to bad teeth, strain your teeth and causes bad breath and contributes to the development of both oral cancer and gum diseases.

The risk of oral cancer increases if you are using smokeless tobacco. The situation is aggressive as there is an abundance of lymph and nodes in the areas of the neck and head. Tooth decay is the penultimate effect that smoking can cause to the teeth and you will be confronted with the problem of restorative dentistry. Aesthetic results of this treatment are not an ideal solution as tobacco causes discoloration of the tooth. Further gum recession leads to uneven margins on crowns and other restoration solutions.

If you are committed to quitting the habit, you will receive the required support from all health care providers, especially from your dentist and dental hygienist. The dental professional plays a pivotal role if you are considering to quit the habit of smoking, and can help you increase your chances of successfully quitting the habit.

You can initiate the process by finalizing a date by which you will quit the habit of smoking. During the period if you encounter challenges it is good to seek support from your family and friends, and if required you may also consult your dentist, doctor or counselor and ask them to support you in the achievement of your goal. Behavioral distractions are something that you have to practice regularly and prominently when the urge to smoke surrounds you greatly. Medication can also help you to quit smoking, be it prescribed or over the counter it should be used as directed for early results.

The effect of smoking on your mouth, teeth, breath, health and clothes can be one of the reasons that compel you to kick the habit. And your first stride towards the process is your visit to the dentist. They can provide you with a plan to initiate the process of quitting smoking and achieve it successfully. Everyone has a desire of white teeth, a healthy mouth, fresh breath and firm gums and you can achieve all these once you quit the smoking. It’s time to stay healthy and say goodbye to unhealthy habits.

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