Things to Do to Assess Penis Function

Got good penis health? Men who follow these articles know how important maintaining proper penis health can be and, thankfully, many take steps to ensure that health. One of the benefits of good penis health is that it helps to maintain proper penis function as well. Just as overall penis health should be checked regularly, it doesn’t hurt to have an assessment of penis function now and then. This gives a good idea of any current or potential issues that might need treating or watching.

Penis function

What exactly is meant by penis function, though? That’s a good question, and one for which there is not necessarily a clear answer.

In many cases, penis function is thought of as the same as erectile function. In other words, when discussing penis function, the focus is on whether or not a man can attain and/or maintain an erection; how often he attains an erection (both while awake and while asleep); how easily he attains that erection; how “firm” the erection is; what is the level of sensation or sensitivity in the penis that allows arousal; how easily and for what length of time the erection is maintained; if the erection accompanies sexual activity, whether it results in ejaculation and/or orgasm; and the level of pleasure associated with the orgasm.

However, some would argue that this is too narrow a definition, that the penis is not designed solely for sexual pleasure, and that an assessment should include issues such as how forcefully one urinates; the strength of flow of the urine stream; ability to control beginning, interrupting, and ceasing urine flow; and matters related to urinary incontinence.


An official assessment of penis function needs to take place under the supervision of a doctor, typically a urologist. However, a man may wish to conduct a self-assessment regularly; this will alert him to possible issues and may then lead him to request a penis function assessment from his doctor.

When performing the assessment himself, here are some of the things he may want to include:

– Keeping track of erections. It’s not unusual for men to get multiple erections while awake, and while often they are very noticeable to a man, some do slip “under the radar.” A man might want to spend a week and keep a journal of whenever he notices he has an erection – at what time he notices it, whether it is due to sexual arousal or simple physical reaction, how long it lasts, etc. Men don’t really know how many erections they have while sleeping, but keeping track at least of “morning wood” – erections that are present upon waking for the day – is a good idea.

Men can get SOME clue as to whether they are having erections at night by taking a strip of paper about 1″ wide and wrapping it all around the penis while soft, and securing the paper with a small piece of tape. The paper should snugly fit around the soft penis. Plan to sleep on the back. If the paper is torn or broken in the morning, it suggests at least one erection occurred overnight.

– Detailing sexual activity. Whether masturbating or engaging in partner sex, a man should make notes during the week he is doing a self-assessment of any issues that may have come up (such as losing firmness, etc.), as well as degree of satisfaction with orgasm, etc.

– Noticing urinary patterns. Again, for a week keep track of how often one urinates, how long urination lasts, whether it’s a strong flow or a dribble, etc.

A penis function test performed under a doctor’s supervision, especially the overnight erection test, will be more involved and have more accurate and measurable results.

A penis function assessment benefits from good penis health, so daily apply a superior penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Find an oil with many vitamins, including A, B5, C, D, and E. The oil also should include L-carnitine, which can be an aid in maintaining penis sensitivity and sensation.

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