Brazilian Waxing – 5 Reasons to Start Using It Right Now

Nowadays many people turn to Brazilian waxing for shaving pubic area instead of shaving or trimming. There are many reasons for this choice, the first being that it gives them a feeling of cleanliness, sexiness and liberation. In fact, with Brazilian waxing, women find it much more comfortable wearing bikinis and lingerie as there will be no visible pubic hair.

It is basically better to have Brazilian waxing done at the parlor for a better and safer job. The first time bikini wax job will prove to be rather painful and uncomfortable for you when the wax is pulled to remove your pubic hair. However the waxer will provide you with some ointments for application to reduce the pain that you will feel. As the waxer is professional, there will normally be less of a discomfort and pain when you opt for a Brazilian waxing.

Brazilian waxing was started in New York in 1987 by some Brazilian sisters and since then many people have taken their lead. Another reason for Brazilian waxing is that unlike bikini waxing, here hair is removed from the front, back and everything in between. Each waxing session usually takes 15 to 30 minutes long where you have to lie on a table or bench after removing your clothes.

Another reason to use Brazilian waxing is that it leaves you ‘hair free’ for longer periods as you need to wax at the most, once a month. In fact, another reason that women opt for Brazilian waxing is that the growth of pubic hair tends to diminish with repeated sessions of Brazilian waxing.

Women also prefer Brazilian waxing as it allows a very sensual and smooth look at the bikini area, so that they look much sexier and attractive in their swim wear and lingerie. The sexy gazes they receive are very much worth the pain they have to go through with Brazilian waxing.

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